About Depositors Union

Time has come for us, the depositors in Lebanese banks, to organize ourselves in order to protect our savings, punish those responsible for this crisis, and reform the political, financial and banking system. 

The Depositors Union offers a platform for resident and expatriate Lebanese depositors, as well as non-Lebanese foreign depositors, to meet and gather in order to act together and reclaim our savings. 

United we are strong!

How we started

After the Lebanese banks seized the depositors’ money, it was necessary to form a legal and democratic framework that organizes the depositors, through which they can claim their rights, form a pressure force on the banks and the Central Bank, and represent the depositors to have their voice heard.

Therefore, in November 2019 the founding members developed the idea of establishing a union concerning this matter.

The Depositors Union began its activity through a group of committees, where a legal committee was formed consisting of a number of volunteer lawyers, and an economic committee composed of economic experts, a secretariat committee, and a public relations committee, and a media committee, that boosted its work on various tracks and levels.

Our mission

The Depositors Union is currently exerting an effort to defend the rights of depositors in their legal disputes with banks, as well as carrying out various media activities and providing economic studies in order to press for a solution suitable for depositors and with the aim of urging depositors to claim their rights and spread awareness about the risks of actions undertaken by the financial and banking authority on Depositors’ rights.