Legal Support

The Legal Committee of the Depositors’ Union is made up of lawyers, legal, consultants, legal assistants, and Advisors.

The Team works at both the local and international level and its tasks are divided into three main categories:

1- Helping people faced with problems dealing with banks both in Lebanon and abroad. The team offers legal advice to DU’s clients when they encounter a problem with banks and tries to find an amicable solution to said problems. In the event this fails, the legal committee drafts warning letters, files lawsuits, and helps with negotiations. As well, DU has established a vast network of law firms abroad and, with their help, is filing lawsuits in foreign countries against the banks, the Association of Banks in Lebanon, and the Governor of the Central Bank.

2- Monitoring the banks, the Association of Banks in Lebanon, the Parliamentary Budget Committee, and Control Bodies related to the banking sector. The team members constantly check what is issued by the banks, the Association of Banks in Lebanon, and the Central Bank. The Legal Committee counters the policies and actions of these institutions by issuing statements, by sharing awareness with the general public as well as filing complaints and lawsuits.

3- Studying regulations, circulars, laws and proposing draft laws and regulations. The Legal Committee in conjunction with the Economic and Policies Committee works on draft laws and comments on laws proposed by the ruling class.