The Depositors Union Files a lawsuit against the banks and the governor of the Central Bank at the Public Prosecution’s office

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  • The Depositors Union Files a lawsuit against the banks and the governor of the Central Bank at the Public Prosecution’s office

The Depositors’ Union via members of the legal committee ( lawyer Dina Abou Zour, lawyer Houssam El-Hakim, lawyer Fouad Debs and lawyer Rafik Ghraizi) and in cooperation with Lawyer DR Nabil Najm and lawyer Soha Ismail, submitted a report to the Public Prosecution in Beirut registered number 515/M/2021 against the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon and each of the commercial banks operating in Lebanon for the crime of fraudulent bankruptcy.

The members of the Legal Committee requested the Public Prosecutor’soffice to Prosecute the above mentioned and to refer them to the competent judicial authority for investigation, arrest and trial.

The Union also demanded that the entire file of all the distressed banks be referred to the special banking court so that they appoint a Temporary Manager for each Bank and Issue a decision regarding the Temporary freezing of deposits since October 17, 2019. They also demanded that precautionary seizures should be placed on movable funds and immovable funds belonging to board members of each bank and other legally responsible persons in accordance with the law.

As well, legal measures should be taken against them to recover funds that were transferred abroad after October 17, 2019, and suspicious transactions abroad during the 18 month period to this date.

The dossier was referred to judge Ghassan Khoury, Public Defender at the Court Of Cassation for his consideration.

The Depositors’ Union through the individual lawsuits that it submitted to his office On behalf of the Depositors, and through the two new dossiers that it has submitted confirms its insistence that the judiciary is the ultimate reference for defending Depositors’ rights in the face of those who have despoiled their livelihood and stole their life savings.

It also calls on the judiciary to exercise its role in achieving justice in the file of protecting Depositors’ money. It calls on the judiciary to restore this money to its rightful owners in light of the difficult economic conditions experienced by said depositors.

So, if the judiciary itself is absent or absent from its role in achieving justice in this dossier for the Depositors and the economic future of Lebanon, then people will lose hope and confidence in the motherland.

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