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Yesterday, Wednesday the 9th of June 2021, we heard and saw the President of the Beirut Bar Association, Melhem Khalf, announce the beginning of the lawyers’ great uprising in the face of a politico, security and judicial regime that has infested the palaces of justice so as to protect the wider corrupt system.

He called upon the Lebanese people to join in this revolution and legalize the law on the independence of the Lebanese judiciary within a period of 20 days.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH declared leader Khalaf while we laud him and honorable lawyers who have given so much and exerted their profession in support of the October 17 revolutionary demands, foremost among them the case of depositors.

We say to the Beirut Bar Association, it’s Chief and Members, that depositors have had their fill of this Judiciary.

A Judiciary that shakes in its boots before the oppressors while being strong confronting only the weak and oppressed.

The frustration of Depositors has increased with a Judiciary that tries to gag them when they express indignation while this same Judiciary remains silent when the looters pillage their funds. Depositors are brimming with frustration from a Judiciary compromised by oligarchs and politicians who interfere in judicial cases concerning depositors even to the extent of pronouncing judgments in the name of the Judiciary. Depositors have been dismayed and shocked by the brutality and impunity of the banks while they have consented under dire conditions to withdraw peanuts from their looted funds so as to cover daily expenses.

Depositors have been flabbergasted to see foreign Judiciary Authorities act to recover their money while the Lebanese Judicial system rescinds rare legal decisions that render justice to a handful of them.

Depositors are frustrated by the wall of injustice whereby judges reluctantly open investigations.

The irony of sorts, the Judiciary condemns the lawyers for their two weeks of strikes while the Judiciary has been on strike for over 20 months.

Depositors and not just lawyers have been beaten down by a Judiciary that has forgotten the meaning of its oath and has sold out to the corrupt and crooked.

To all Ye lawyers, We depositors are with you in your just and righteous cause to liberate the Judiciary from the clutches of the political and financial apparatchiks that have robbed depositors of their livelihood, trampled on their laws, sold out the Judiciary and destroyed their Lebanon.

The Depositors’ Union is with you in your great rising.

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